Performances Available

       Feature-  ~5-6 minutes of highly choreographed

             work designed to be the focus of your event

             Some features available for video preview by request

       Ambient-  ~10 minute set(s) on an apparatus serving as  

              art in motion during mingling times at your event

Point Height Requirements-  

       20' minimum for Spanish web feature performance

       18' minimum for silks or rope feature performance

       15' minimum for hoop (lyra) feature performance

       13' minimum for duo silks feature performance

       Ambient performance is flexible, talk to me 

Types of Rigging Points Acceptable

       Exposed load-bearing beams (upon inspection)

       Rated beam clamps

       Point installed by a certified rigger or structural engineer

       Professional outdoor frame rig

       Other ideas:  negotiable but safety is key


       Price is negotiated based upon feature vs. ambient or

       combinations thereof, travel time, rigging time or provision

       of a rigger, time commitment at event, type of event, and

       special commission.




let me fly in your sky

Photo:  Thaddeus Hink

Photo: Rob Falk

Every event is different, but let's make yours special.